VerbzBeats x Depoli – Mind Over Matter (ft. Martin Salazar)

Can I put you guys onto something dope? I waited for a minute to check this album because I had a lot on my plate, but VerbzBeats and Deploi’s project, The Fever, is thorough from start to finish. The San Diego producer and LA based emcee have a really good sound going on here that I think people are really going to enjoy it once the word gets moving a little more.

I encourage you guys to spread the word on this one, don’t let it go unnoticed. It really is too good to be slept on. I chose this smooth track featuring Martin Salazar because it typifies the sounds from the project and will definitely get stuck in your head!

Single You Out: Natural Elements – DroNes

Please drop some more music Natural Elements! We need more than just these teasers. Anthony Cruz, Swigga, and Agu still can drop illness with the likes of sickest emcees. We need some more of these kind of songs and a true LP to drop soon because these artists are simply too talented to drop this sporadic. Please gentlemen…put the hip hop world on notice…

Single You Out: Recognize Ali – Miracles (ft. Verbal Kent)

Here’s another single from Recognize Ali’s forthcoming album, Allah’s Favorite, featuring Chicago emcee Verbal Kent and the result is ill. Eyedee laces a stripped down production, yet one that certainly bangs. That production is escorted by scratches implanted by DJ TMB. Kent and Ali prove to be an imposing force on this track. I have high hopes and expectations for this project.

Single You Out: Dillon & Diamond D – Feast

If you see Diamond D’s name on anything these day, heads pay attention, and as well they should. Especially on this track, when Dillon is rhyming. Dillon could be heard on the insanely slept on 2016 project, Food Chain. He has all of the intangibles that you look for in an emcee, and with DITC backing, he is sure to gain a little more well-deserved recognition. This is a pretty mellow single off of the forthcoming collaboration, Black Tie Affair, due out on September 8th.

Single You Out: Kyo Itachi x Ruste Juxx – Samurai Sushi

New single from Kyo Itachi’s forthcoming album, Genkidama, featuring oft-collaborator Ruste Juxx. These two, over the course of the last couple of years and two projects, have really honed in on a sound. Itachi intermingles the strings with the drums while Juxx lets off his sixteen without fear and remorse.

There are high hopes for this project. Itachi has become one of the top producers in the game and the project is laden with heavy lyrical hitters.

Single You Out: Wordworth x Sam Brown – Hero (ft. Last Emperor)

Wordsworth links up with The Last Emperor for the single, Hero, off of the forthcoming album, Our World Today. The album is Wordsworth’s collaboration with producer Sam Brown. This track musically sounds like a blend of 80s electronica and boom bap hip hop. There’s just something unique about the pulsing synth when combine with the sample that’s being used in the chorus. And who better for Wordsworth to team up with with for a track like this other than The Last Emp who is known for his Secret Wars cuts from the early 2000s?

Album dropping August 11th.