Single You Out: Forbidden Dialect – Old School


It’s really hard to believe that the last time I featured Forbidden Dialect was back in 2011.  That would make them one of my initial submissions back when we were back in our infancy.  I recently received an email from one of the members asking me to check out their new project, Wi-Fi on the South Side.    I did  a couple of days ago, and this album they put together is fantastic.   Some great rhyme, super production, well incorporated samples and GREAT all around song making.    I am going to hit you off with the track Old School and then hit you with an album review soon.  Check it!  The album is free!!!!!


Single You Out: Team Thoro – Abundant Thoughts


This is a release that snuck up on me which reminds me I really need to get up on my game since I am a huge Team Thoro supporter and have been for years.  Lord Of Kingz is an eight track odyssey that features the heavy hitting lyricism of AbSoulJah, Halfabrick, and Spicco.

Abundant Thoughts is a nice intro to the project and hopefully I will be able to hit you all off with a full review in the coming weeks. If you like this track, I all but guarantee you are going to feel the album.  Production is coming from Barz4thehood.

Single You Out: Apathy – Alien Weaponry


Apathy is delivering the first single from his forthcoming album, The Widow’s Son.  This banger, and it is a true banger, features Apathy unleashing salvo after salvo of bars stating his intention to keep delivering dope music to the masses.  If you thought it was over, you thought wrong.  Now you know. Production comes from the highly respected and talented Nottz.

Single You Out: Escapism – ZoomOut pt1 (feat. JadeGritty)


ZoomOutPt1 is just one of the many powerful sounds coming from Escapism’s (Taboo x Tab) new self-titled album that I believe is a must have.  The lyricism and the energy in the track makes the song feel like it is taking a casual ride in your brain while triggering those synapses.  It’s soulful intelligence forcing the listener into introspection.  Listen and be enlightened.  Then check this amazing album!

Single You Out: Jamo Gang – All Eyes on Us


It’s early, but this track from Jamo Gang (El Gant, Ras Kass, J57) could be one of the toughest tracks of 2018.  Good lawd!  That bass line, the scratching, the bars, all the way down to the additional vocals makes this joint a legitimate threat to anyone’s ears.  This song was so dope to the senses I almost suffered stigmata.

Single You Out: Chase Moore – Ozark

Chase Moore is an exceptional producer. His work behind the boards has always been exceptional. But he’s not only that, he’s an accomplished emcee. I listened to his new project and found it to be a really dope listen especially when bumping in the whip. My favorite track of the project is the closing one, Ozark. So give it a listen and if you are feeling it, be sure to check the album, Sweet Aromatic.

Single You Out: Gary Rue – Creatures Of Habit (ft. K-Beta)

Gary Rue

Yo!  I purchased this Gary Rue album, Every Shrink’s Wet Dream, and it is teetering on fantastic!  The production which is vastly handled by Sultan Mir is on point and Rue can spit some fire.  If I was to give an album, a numeric rating,  which I very well may start doing we may be looking at an 8.5 out of 10.   It’s that good.

To represent this album, I chose the cut Creatures Of Habit because not only is it a fire track that represents hip hop to the fullest, but also features K-Beta.  I love Beta.  I always have.  It’s good to hear him on the mic.

Check this album out!  It won’t disappoint!

Single You Out: Cashus King – What The World Made


I think I may have mentioned this before but Cashus King (f/k/a Co$$) is one of my favorite artists, period.  The way he weaves personality, soul, hip hop, social commentary, and a kind of spiritualtity is just something to behold.  No one is doing what he is doing with the mic.  He is in a league of his own.    All of the above qualities and skills can be found in this song, The World Made.   And that track can be found on his new project, Figure 8, which dropped last month…and dropped FREE OF CHARGE.  But be kind and drop some coin on it…I guarantee it’s worth it’s weight.