Single You Out: DJ Illegal & Side Effect – Flowers On Your Grave


DJ Illegal and Side Effect have a project dropping on Halloween called Musica De Los Muertos, and Flowers On Your Grave give you the first dark and ominous offering from the album.  It sounds completely dope to me.

I have quite a few Side Effect projects and he is definitely underrated in my opinion.  He always delivers a premium product.

Single You Out: Falconcrest – Northern Peninsula


Falconcrest lets loose another cut entitled, Northern Peninsula.  The beat from Smokeshop and Dnte is at times haunting and lingering and at other times triumphant which I am sure is the point.  It’s the ebbs and flows of life  made to art in song.  The flows and lyricism of Falconcrest prove they are on the trimphant side of that artistic coin.  Check it!

Single You Out: Grime Lords – Shyne (ft. Milano Constatine x Recognize Ali)


I was just asking about this project the other day and it appears that the Grime Lords are dropping Wimbledon Dons, on October 10th so we are just a few days away from this goodness.   Everything I have heard from Born Unique and Pete Twist has been absolute fire and the track Shyne, featuring Milano Constatine and Recognize Ali is exactly that…fiya!    The cut has some tough bars, which you undoubtedly expect with this line up and Twist can certainly lace the bangers.  Make no mistake about it, when this project drops, it’s going to drop heavy!

Single You Out: Snake Hollywood – Boondock Saints (ft. Mic Geronimo x Metaphor The Great)

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Here’s some newness from one of my favorite artists who we simply don’t hear enough from.  Snake Hollywood just has one of strongest voices and presence when it comes rocking a mic, and sometimes we forget that, until we hear him yet again.  Well here he is rocking over a banging production from NYBangers along with emcees Mic Geronimo and Metaphor The Great.  See if you hear what I hear…the extension of a masterpiece being formed.

Single You Out: The Cult Leaders – War On Drugs


Matlock and Dreamtek are collaborating under the new pseudonym of The Cult Leaders and they are making some great music as far as I am concerned, with their release of the single War On Drugs.  The song narrates the use of all different type of narcotics by the two emcees over this 60s (I am guessing here) rock infused rhythm.  It’s really dope all the way around.

Let’s hope we get more of this!

Single You Out: SageInfinite x Won87 – N.S.A.


Highlighting another dope project that just released a couple of days ago, SageInfinite and Won87’s Sleeper Cell.  The project is a gritty one the details an assortment of terrorist incidents, policies, and restrictions on personal freedoms.  I think it’s a poignant piece of work implemented with a maximum amount of dope.  Certainly, something you should all check out.

The track N.S.A. details how that very government entity has restricted our privacy and our freedoms.  It is a bonus cut that closes out the project and my personal favorite.   I hope you enjoy.

Single You Out: Jarren Benton x Spittzwell – The One (ft. Demerick)


It’s all about sharing with you all the illness that I come across on my internet excursions and one thing I know from previous experience is that Jarren Benton and Spittzwell are a good combination.  Their previous body of work, Luke P EP, had some serious illness.  And when I got an email notification that they had a new project, I jumped at the opportunity to listen.  It does not disappoint.  The album is called The Mink Coat Killa LP.

The track I chose to feature is The One as it features some soul, funk, reggae, and straight hip-hop flavor.   It’s such a dope beat and Benton slays it with creative lyricism and a ferocity to boot!  Check out this project!  You owe it to yourself!