Single You Out: ShortFyuz – Not For Nothing (ft. Sean Price)


This cut, Not For Nothing, is lifted off of ShortFyuz’s album, Lostsol, which is out now.  Of course the highlight here is that the track has bars from Sean Price, which is a treat in and of itself.   But the whole track is dope with some smooth production underneath that Price heat we are all very familiar with.

Check out the album.  A lot of dope guest spots on there, and if ShortFyuz’s production is anything like this throughout the album, then we are in for a treat.  I will most certainly be checking it out.


Single You Out: Estee Nack x PhybaOptikz x Flashius Clayton – Bulletproof (Prod. The Historian)


First off, Estee Nack, is on an absolute tear right now.  I don’t think a weak goes by without hearing a new song that he’s either done, or featured on.  And they are all dope!  His sixteen on this The Historian beat is just filthy, but PhybaOptikz and Flashius Clayton also deliver on the verbals.   All around dope cut.

Everyone on this cut is a name you should be paying attention to.  More dope is likely on it’s way.

Single You Out: Main Flow x Mil Beats – Sound Of Silence (ft. Ania)


This is the title track from Main Flow and Mil Beats’ forthcoming project, Sound Of Silence, which is due out next Friday, April 27th.

This track is has a certain eeriness to it as Simon and Garfunkel hip hop flip on the chorus by Ania.  The production from Mil Beats is like a walk going down a dark path, and Flow’s leading the way alluding to the stories that we simply don’t talk about.

Single You Out: Beat Rabbi – Return Of The Real Hard Beat (ft. Deepspace5)


A new Deepspace5 record?   Hell yeah!  Before I was running this website I was bumping on some Deepspace5 on the regular.  It’s awesome amalgamation of talent.   And they sounds just as good now as they ever have over this Beat Rabbi beat that has those sick drums and ill change ups.

If you are a newer hip hop listener, this is a really great opportunity for you to get reacquainted with this talented group of artists.

Single You Out: LeftSide Deafinit – I Left (ft. Slaine & M-Dot) prod. by The Arcitype

Here’s a really dope cut from artist, Leftside Deafinit .   I love how the drums mingle with the classic guitar sample.  This Arcitype beat definitely will have that head nodding.  You also have a great assortment of lyricism gathered for this track.  Leftside Deafinit certainly showcases his gift alongside heavyweight emcees Slaine and M-Dot.   It’s life testament…let’s all take note.

After hearing this track I am anxious to hear what more this artist has to offer.

Single You Out: PozLyrix – Reach For Piece (ft. Qwel)


We have featured some Seven Oddities joints in the past and this one from PozLyrix surfaced in my inbox yesterday and while I have not listened to the entire project I did listen to this joint, from Odd Man Out, Reach For Piece, featuring Qwel.  It’s really a dope cut with well-woven lyricism.

I have the project in my cart as we speak.  Check it out!

Single You Out: Pawz One X Robin Da Landlord – Sucker Punch


Pawz One and and Robin Da Landlord combine forces for this single, along with a new project due out in the middle of May, entitled Sell Me A Dream.   The beat from Robin Da Landlord goes hard as the drums sound like they are cracking agains the piano  and flute backdrops.  Pawz One unleashes a flurry of bars that crack the cabinets of of those who hide behind computers and spread hate.

Well, WE ain’t one of those people here…nothing but love for these artists and their music.

Single You Out: Gutta Grimey 910 x Bunty Beats – It’s All Good


I have been a huge fan of Bunty Beats for years now.   His productions are always spot on and I have never heard an iota of weakness from the man.  All of his work has been nothing short of dope.  And Gutta Grimey  910 really shows an impressive flow over this laid back and smooth production.  Plus when an emcee sings the chorus, that can be a weakness, but not hear.  It all really comes together.

Please check out the pair’s new EP,  Visual Thoughts.   I am about to cop here in a moment.  You should do the same.

Single You Out: PremRock – Fetanyl (ft. billy woods x Vekked)


We’ve talked about it before, but let’s make mention of it again:  PremRock is clearly an innovator when it comes to making hip hop music.  His lyricism is slick, crafty, and has a tendency to get those synapses firing in that brain of yours.

His new project with Fresh Kils, Poet’s Payday, is an extension of the previous comment.  This project again illustrates that creativity that we all love.  Fresh Kils  cooks up a delicious avant garde production, while billy woods adds his own innovations via a complimentary sixteen.

I am sure that hip hop lovers of all ilks will love this track and the project as a whole.