The AbSoulJah & Ugly Tony – Sketched In Outlines (2015)

Ugly Tony

Artist: The AbSoulJah x Ugly Tony

Album:  Sketched In Outlines


1. Thoro Freestyle
2. Get Well Soon
3. Come On
4. Wonder Why
5. War Of The Mind
6. In Between The Lines
7. The Mood
8. Tomorrow
9. Father N Sun


This was a little bit of a surprise to see this project released.   But I am always game to hear some new AbSoulJah and with Ugly Tony on the boards I knew it was going to be better than just a solid project and it is.

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The Absouljah – Nighttime Dwelling (ft. Spicco) (prod. by DJ Low Cut)



The Absouljah’s new album, Dim The Light, is out now.   I have been on the man to release this project for probably about a year now and it finally arrived January 8th.  I will  have  a full review of the project coming soon but meanwhile I wanted to break you off with a single that DJ Low Cut sent me and produced so you can get a feel for the album.  If you are feeling this, make sure you cop the project.  I feel that The Absouljah has that unique blend of streets tailored in intellect so def worth the price.

The AbSoulJah – The Real Type (Video)

The ill combination of The AbSoulJah and Soulslicers are responsible for this track and video right here.  These two also happen to be two of the most underrated artists in the game.  I have long been a fan of The AbSoulJah’s flow and street-centered lyricism and the Soulslicers had me hooked on their album, Boost Da Soul.

This track will be featured on two projects, The AbSouljah’s new album, Dim The Light and Soulslicers’ Slice Of Life mixtape.   The AbSoulJah also put me on ot th efact that he has a Free EP dropping at the end of the year.  You are going to want to stay tuned for that.

Alterbeats – The French Revolution (Promo Video)

I usually never put up any type of promo video but this gets me hype.  A really well done introduction to French producer Alterbeats.   I like how they scratched in the verse from each emcee.  Nice concept!

Alterbeats has collabed with the homie Halfabrick a couple of times previously and the results were amazing.  I am expecting big things from his album, The French Revolution, dropping June 26th.  That is about seven weeks too far out for my taste but it is what it is.  Check the tracklisting:

01. Next Execution feat. Verbal Kent
02. TV Screen feat. Chief Kamachi, Kromeatose, Block McCloud
03. The NOD feat. Pain Killer Crew ( Amadeus the Stampede & Rite Hook)
04. True Rhyme feat. Divine
05. Kamikaze MC’s feat. The Foundation ( Lex Starwind & Jon Murdock)
06. Fast Lane feat. Main Flow, Access Immortal & Estee Nack
07. Alter Ego feat. AG, Sadat X & Lion Of Bordeaux, Cuts by Dj Modesty
08. International Juggernaut feat. Red Eye, Wily Maze, Murdoc & Shinobi
Staline, Cuts by Dj Modesty
09. What’s Realer feat. Halfabrick
10. NYC Evils feat. Shabaam Sahdeeq, Halfabrick & Spicco, Cuts by Dj Modesty
11. The Merovingian Revenge feat. The Lost Children of Babylon, Cuts by Dj Modesty
12. Made you Proud feat. Carnage 45 & Ihsan Bilal
13. Revolution On My Brain feat. Reef The Lost Cauze & Freestyle of Arsonists, Cuts by Dj Modesty
14. Watch We Combine feat. The Absouljah
15. The Take Over feat. Lord Lhus & Sicknature, Cuts by Dj Modesty
16. The War Effect feat. Banish, Aims, The Armada (Johnny Teflon & DJ Rybe)
17. Revolucion feat. Shabaam Sahdeeq, Bekay, Lateb
18. Coup de grâce feat. Amadeus The Stampede

The AbSoulJah – The Light Side (2011)

Artist: The AbSoulJah

Album: The Light Side

Source:  From The Man Himself


  1. War On The Mind (prod. by Ugly Tony)
  2. Ignorant Spoken (prod. by Mistah Maff)
  3. Top Of The Morning (prod. by A.B.)
  4. Hopes Of Me (prod. by Mistah Maff)
  5. Livest Winters (ft. Spicco) (prod. by Ugly Tony)
  6. Ghetto Love Us Til We Leave (prod. by Thing)
  7. The Big Ab on the Scene (prod. by Raw B)
  8. How we Party (prod. by JNS Beats)
  9. My Description (prod. by A.B.)
  10. Better Than Before (prod. by A.B.)
  11. Respect That (prod. by JNS Beats)
  12. Talk To Me (ft. Streets Goon) (prod. by Manu Beats)
  13. So Yall Know (prod. by A.B.)
  14. Be Patient  (prod. by Kaine Undamusic)
  15. What You Scared For (prod. by Alterbeats)
  16. The Dark Hour Freestyle (prod. by MakOne)
  17. Gone In Sixty (prod. by MakOne)


I am going to put you guys onto a little secret…The AbSoulJah.  This artist dropped Slave To The Page roughly three years ago.  It was a free release that I picked up on and loved.  Ever since, I check for his releases, however sporadic they might be.  Hell, I want him to drop two albums a year so maybe I am being a little demanding.  But that’s neither here nor there.  Right now The AbSoulJah  has decided to release seventeen previously unreleased tracks from the last couple of years available to you all for free in prelude to his album dropping later this year.  There are a lot of bangers and if you notice, Ugly Tony (author of the recently reviewed, At Nightfall) touched some of the production on this piece so you can count on the dope production.

What can you expect from The AbSoulJah?  You can expect raw rhymes in a baritone flow.   You can expect intelligence coupled with ruggedness. Some folks have it and others don’t and trust that the man has all the intangibles that put him in an elite category of hip hop artists.

I am not going to do a full review as this is more of a compilation than a true album.  Every joint delivers as promised, but the something special to me on this comp is track 12, Talk To Me, produced by Manu Beats. Just a personal favorite.