Single You Out: illmaculate – Stay Humble (prod. by Chase Moore)

Now illmaculate and Chase Moore are just showing off.  This is just insane.  Moore kills the boards with something that leans a little more melancholy while illmaculate resists the temptation of simply looking down on the competition.  The music he makes does the talking needed.  This is a major win for artist and listener alike.  Nice Poe line in the opening stanza if you listen close.

Illmaculate & OnlyOne – Marathon (prod. by Chase Moore)

OnlyOne and Illmaculate are back at it and knifing through this ill production from Chase Moore.  The pairing has always been one of the most formidable in hip hop and it’s great to see them bringing in 2015 the right way.  OnlyOne still remains one of our favorite wordsmiths on the site and on this song you can see why…Can’t wait to hear the full project.

Goldini Bagwell – Say Anything (Video)

Goldini Bagwell is anything but ordinary, as a matter of fact, he may be the most artistic emcees I have ever come across.  That artistry comes across in his music and in these videos.  In all honesty, I didn’t know what was happeneing until the very end, so a credit to the director and the artist on this one.  Really brilliant work. Easily a candidate for video of the year.

If you dug this song, make sure you check out the entire album, produced by Pmpee, Secondhand Smoke (The Extended Cut).

Goldini Bagwell – Secondhand Smoke (The Extended Cut) (2014)



Artist: Goldini Bagwell

Album: Secondhand Smoke (The Extended Cut)


1. Live Without (Intro)
2. Desire Is… (feat. Little Warrior)
3. Get Busy (feat. Tope, DJ Flip Flop & Jon Belz)
4. Words to Live By, Pt. 2 (feat. Bre Paletta)
5. Conclusions Drawn
6. Read About It (feat. Iame, OnlyOne & Illmaculate)
7. Feeling Good (Saul Love)
8. Say Anything
10. Pandemonium
11. Search Party (feat. Onry Ozzborn, Dj Wels & Nyquil)
12. Everchanging Constant (feat. Little Warrior)
13. Wings of a Seagull (Instrumental)


This is not a review of any sort.  This is just ‘us’ letting ‘you’ know that this available now.  Bagwell is a favorite and a mainstay on HHD and it’s only fitting for me to encourage you to go pick this up.  90% of the music coming out these days, you have heard before.  There’s a lot of the same old cafeteria cooking going on in the lab these days.  But when something unique comes out, we’ve got to support.  Bagwell is among a very minute population of artists who consistently gives us quality of a different ilk and always makes it fresh for the fans.   So make sure you cop from the Bandcamp page now and check back here later, when I will have more time to do an official review!

Goldini Bagwell – Desire Is… (Video)

I am just going to go ahead and say it as I see it: Every year Goldini Bagwell drops an album, you are guaranteed to get a Top Ten track for the year from the project, and this one very well might be that joint for 2014.  Bagwell is just the type of artist whose flow sometimes just defies description.   It’s mesmerizing at times.  It’s even moreso on this joint because the beat and the vocals are simply hypnotic leaving me the listener entrances by the song.  The video is produced by cohort Sapient and he did an excellent job with the visuals and transitions.

The album drops next week so…take that!

Single You Out: Goldini Bagwell – Read All About It (ft. Iame, OnlyOne, and Illmaculate)

It’s so good to hear a few Sandpeople brethren on a track together.   Read All About It has epic written all over it with Pmpee giving the track a very regal production.  That seems appropriate when you have this NorthWest royalty blessing the track.   The blending of styles on this joint is pretty damn amazing (as it is always).   Such divergent flows and styles and they always come out sounding vintage!

Goldini Bagwell’s new EP, Secondhand Smoke – The Extended Cut drops June 24th but you can pre-order an assortment of packages right now.


Single You Out: Goldini Bagwell – Feeling Good

Heaven Noise came through as promised with the new Goldini Bagwell single, Feeling Good.  It’s music to sit back and chill too with laid back synthesized production.   Shoot, I felt my burdened lightened after just one listen.  Bagwell’s new album, Secondhand Smoke (The Extended Cut) is due out on June 24th which incidentally feels like a long time.